Our Service

Free Consultation

Yes, you read it right. Your first consultation is 100% free. We care about your concerns and needs, and we want to offer you a piece of mind before we start talking about the details. Ask us any question you have regarding naturalization or even conventional landscaping. Our experienced team members will try our best to offer you the optimal solutions based on your specific needs. Send us an email at: kyu@fescue.ca, dadams@fescue.ca, or give us a call at: (780)999-6628.

Custom Design

We use the latest SketchUp software to design every yard, and that's what makes us different from other landscaping companies. Every home and every yard must be treated differently due to topography, sun exposure, soil type, which direction the yard is facing, etc. For example, some lots might have issues draining rainwaters, therefore we would offer building a raingarden. Some yards might experience extensive sun exposure and thus drier conditions. In that case, we would offer a rock garden or grassland species. Some people prefer blossom throughout the year, therefore we put in species that flower during different times of the year. We offer our expertise and design according to your demands.

Plant with Care

We love nature and we treasure what nature has to offer us. We treat every plant with the maximum level of care, whether it is a forb seedling, or grown shrub. We plant all species according to their ecological niche requirements and desired eco-functionality. Rest assured that once they are established in your yard, they will thrive for generations.

Service and Maintenance

We care about our clients, and we want to make some new friends. Send us a picture anytime if you have questions regarding your native species, and we will assess the health of your plants for you. Call us whenever you have any concerns, we will happily drop by and help you out. Although native species do not require as much maintenance, we still offer to come check your yard for you bi-weekly or once a month so your yard looks brilliant throughout the year. We offer subscriptions to naturalization.