Our Company

YES! We are evergreen like the twinflower in the photo, and we stand out from the rest because we are awesome!

Fescue Naturalization Corporation is founded by two naturalists who are passionate about promoting a sustainable lifestyle to our communities. We not only design and naturalize your yards with native plant species like a landscaping company, but also educate and teach the benefits of a diversified micro eco-system. We provide solutions for residential self-sustained landscapes. We plant the future starting from your home! Let’s act together, and bring nature back into our home!

What is Naturalization?

Naturalization is an ecologically approach to landscape management. Its ultimate goal is to transform disturbed land to a more natural condition, and thus create eco-diversity for the local environment. 

Why Naturalization?


When it comes to "landscaping", we talk about how much it costs. Most of the time we are on a tight budget after purchasing a new home. Although the upfront cost might be similar compare to conventional landscaping, you save approximately $10,000 in maintenance, labor, and replacement cost over 5 years.


Time is money! Especially nowadays, we barely have time to be with our loved ones due to extended workload, congested traffic, as well as other annoying duties and chores. With naturalization, you don't need to mow the lawn or trim the weeds anymore. Give the time back to your family!


We have already caused too much damage to the earth by cutting down trees and forests and turning them into farmlands and residential areas. Have you ever had problems with flooded yards? Do you miss waking up to the birds singing outside? We need naturalization to bring eco-diversity back!