Meet the Founders

Daniel Adams is the co-founder and chief of operations. He participated in multiple naturalization projects across Edmonton including Desrochers Storm Pond and Larch Storm Pond located in Magrath. He brings his proven expertise to this team. His mission is simple – to help you and your family find the species that you love, and turn them into a magical garden that blooms throughout the season. During his spare time, Dan likes playing the piano, camping, or simply drinking a cup of 18 year of Macallan Scotch. Want to chat more with him? Send him an email:

Kevyn Yu is co-founder and chief designer. His experience as a people manager makes him empathetic towards your customized needs. He listens to your side of the story, and he cares about how you feel about the service. His expertise in photography and graphic design along with his restoration education background makes him the perfect choice to design and plant your next dream garden. During his spare time, Kevyn likes playing the guitar, go hiking, spending time with the family, and testing out his creativity. He is always keen on meeting new friends. Send him an email: